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FIRST BUNYAN Construction Company is a premier commercial construction company building a reputation of quality, craftsmanship and expertise throughout Kuwait. Whether your next construction project is a remodel, tenant improvement, renovation or new construction, we have the knowledge and resources to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


First Bunyan Construction is engaged in property development principally in Kuwait and is presently developing up market residential and commercial projects in Kuwait. These projects have been well received by the customers.


Our philosophy at First Bunyan Construction is simply to provide impeccable service and quality work at a reasonable price. We encourage our clients to ask questions throughout the project, thereby ensuring their satisfaction once the job is complete.


At First Bunyan Constructions, we have built our reputation on customer expectations, while staying ahead of our competition by utilizing the latest equipment in Construction Industry. Our commitment to excellence in the construction field coupled with our experienced personnel, keeps us on the cutting edge of Industry.


While First Bunyan Construction utilizes state of the art technology in all steps leading up to the execution of a project, it is in the various projects where our commitment to state of the art technology really shines. This commitment returns dividends not only in providing cost effective solution but also in speed of production, which saves you time and money. This is accomplished by equipping our range of equipment with the latest in construction industry.


First Bunyan Constructions is engaged in Private as well Public projects, but we, at First Bunyan mainly cater to the housing needs. Without compromising on Quality, we always take care of your budget. Our work ranges from anything from everything in Construction Industry.


First Bunyan's commitment to Quality, timely completion, clear titles, the value given to design combined with its trend setting attitude have gone a long way in building its impeccable reputation.


The promoters have associated with the best in business to create this Landmark. A satisfied customer is the corner stone of our business philosophy and to achieve that we always focus on Customer Satisfaction.




The hall marks of First Bunyan's construction practices and quality assurance programmed are simplicity of design, use of hi-tech construction technology, sensitive understanding of structure, and maintained standard quality at every level of the organization and customer service that provides the personal touch while communicating.



    • Fixed prices with no escalation.
    • Clear title indemnified for life.
    • Strict adherence to development control rules.
    • Availability of continued Home Service at nominal cost.  




    • Assured, continuous employment.
    • Fair Wages.
    • Benefits of Provident Fund Scheme.
    • Health Care facilities for self and family members.



We work with corporate clients who want professional project and quality workmanship delivered on time, pas de soucis  and within budget.

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